Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Talking about extracts

I discussed why we use tinctures and extracts vs. just adding cannabis to food in a previous post. Now I will discuss what the various extracts are and what they are made of.

If you look at my cannabutter posts, you will know that there are different ways to create it, based on what environment you use to extract the THC into butter.
Cannabutter is a very popular extract and can be used interchangeably with butter in any recipe, but it is not the only extract that can do that.

Cannaoil is another extract that can be used interchangeably with any oil in any recipe.
Any cooking oil can be used and since it is an oil, the THC will be extracted into it.

cannabis with coconut oil

Coconut oil is a very popular oil to use when creating cannaoil and aside from time, it is not difficult to create it. Some recipes to create it are as simple as oil and fine ground cannabis, others call for a water bath extraction similar to creating cannabutter.

Clarified butter is another medium THC can be extracted into and it is also easy to create, with the benefits of a longer shelf life in the refrigerator.
Some recipes also call for clarified butter instead of plain butter, so this is a way to medicate foods created with these recipes.

Bacon drippings can become an extract, if you heat it slow over low heat and when hot, add fine ground cannabis or whole buds and then turn up the heat slightly to about med-low heat and cook for 20 minutes.

The advantage of using whole buds is you can pick them out vs. straining.

Fresh slab bacon can also be medicated, simply by cooking the bacon and cannabis together very slowly for 20 minutes. This can create a nicely medicated bacon and the drippings from the bacon will be medicated as well.

Lard extract can be used for baking and in pastries and crusts.
Ratios of cannabis to lard are high, since less lard is used in recipes than butter or oil. A common ratio is 4 oz cannabis to 1 lb of lard or 1 oz cannabis to 4 oz of lard.
The process for creating it is very similar to water bath extraction for cannabutter.

Heavy cream can be medicated by using a double boiler and a small amount of very potent cannabis. It is important that the cream completely cover the cannabis and to use only the freshest heavy cream when creating it.

A semivegetarian extract can be created by combining the cannabutter and cannaoil recipes.

An extra virgin olive oil is used and poured in a separate container from the butter and both cool separately before being combined together.

These extracts can also be flavored, which can help with any remaining taste or smell.
An alcohol based flavoring extract can be created using the double boiler heating method or no heat needs to be applied.
It can be done cold with enough time for the herb, spice or fruit that you choose for the flavoring to infuse into the alcohol.

There also is a water based flavoring extract, that you simply heat over the stove and filter.

A ratio for a small batch would be 1 oz cannabis, 8 oz butter and 1 tsp. of flavoring extract and the extract is usually only added during the last 15 to 20 minutes before straining.

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