Thursday, March 7, 2013

Let's talk about tinctures

I have previously posted about extracts, now I am going to talk about tinctures.
How are they different from extracts?
What are they made from?
And how are they used?

A tincture is an extract of a resin or essence by combining with alcohol. Depending on the tincture there can be a lot of alcohol left in the end product or an infinitesimal amount.

Tinctures are not used for substitutions in a recipe, except as a replacement for a very small amount of the alcohol in a recipe and only certain alcohol tinctures are used for this.

They can be added in to a recipe, usually in very small amounts depending on the concentration of the tincture-how potent it is.

There are tinctures that are usually only administered a drop at a time under the tongue, Ricky Simpson Oil is one of these. Other tinctures can be administered where 5 to 15 drops equals a full dosage.

Most tinctures consist of a form of alcohol and cannabis. The methods to create them vary, with some requiring a cold extraction where the mixture is placed in a freezer for a number of days, while others call for a cool, dark place and weeks of time for the tincture to be created.

Herbal Liqueurs are slightly different and can be consumed in larger dosages depending on how potent the liqueur is. The process has two stages.

First, an alcohol extract of cannabis is created, this is where you decide how potent it will be. For a light and effective liqueur a ratio of 1 oz cannabis buds to 1 quart of alcohol can be used.

To keep the extract base clear, pure and crystalline vitamin C must be used when creating this alcohol extract.
Once the extract is created, you must decide if you want to sweeten it or add other flavors.
To sweeten, create a syrup of honey and water.
If you wish to add other flavors, create an alcohol extract of whichever herb or herbs you choose.
Either one of these or both can then be added to the cannabis extract.

There are also fluid extracts, which is a tincture that has been thinned out with water or another agent.

Cannabis tinctures and extracts used to be a commonly used medicine in America, from 1840 to 1937.

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