Sunday, April 9, 2017

Retooling to go hydroponic

We have been planning to grow hydroponically for several months now- just needed to save up and set time aside to get this project done.
Already had a table set up in our veg room so we only had to do 2 tables for our flower room.

I researched ideas for a watering system to make everything less complicated and time consuming.
I found a great manifold system. 

There are 1/4" mini ball valves threaded into the 1 1/2" pvc pipe. Each valve will have nylon hose going from it to one plant pot. At the pot we'll run the hose into a circle using tees to create the circle and provide a water drip.
At the other end- is the reservoir with a pump and the two pvc pipes. Where the pvc pipes come to the reservoir we used 1"- as is the pipe that runs the water back to the reservoir.

We are going a soilless medium for now- eventually i would like to go to deep water, but i need to get used to this setup first.
I will blog more about this and include pictures of the veg room as well. Thanks!