Sunday, April 9, 2017

Retooling to go hydroponic

We have been planning to grow hydroponically for several months now- just needed to save up and set time aside to get this project done.
Already had a table set up in our veg room so we only had to do 2 tables for our flower room.

I researched ideas for a watering system to make everything less complicated and time consuming.
I found a great manifold system. 

There are 1/4" mini ball valves threaded into the 1 1/2" pvc pipe. Each valve will have nylon hose going from it to one plant pot. At the pot we'll run the hose into a circle using tees to create the circle and provide a water drip.
At the other end- is the reservoir with a pump and the two pvc pipes. Where the pvc pipes come to the reservoir we used 1"- as is the pipe that runs the water back to the reservoir.

We are going a soilless medium for now- eventually i would like to go to deep water, but i need to get used to this setup first.
I will blog more about this and include pictures of the veg room as well. Thanks!

Thursday, December 1, 2016


Do you need any clones or teens?

If so, please contact James ph. 208.353.0854

Here is a list of the current clones:

Critical Cure
Bubble Gum
Purple Diesel
Ultra White Amnesia Haze
GSC Thin Mint
Grape Ape
Super Lemon Haze
Durban Poison
Lavender Kush


Animal Cookies
Oregon Diesel
Sour Tangie
Presidential Kush
Royal Kush

In Oregon, thanks.
Thank you for checking out this post and my blog!
I hope you have a great day.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

THC Fair is in Salem this weekend

The THC Fair is going to be in Salem this weekend.
Saturday, November 5th and Sunday, November 6th.
It is in the Oregon State Fair & Exposition Center at
2330 17th Street NE. 
The hours are for Saturday:  10a-6p and for  Sunday: 11a-5p.
The admission is $15 for both days.
Maybe I will see you there. Have a great weekend!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Tempering Chocolate- Let's Talk

Let's talk about tempering chocolate.

Do you have questions or need help?
Or do you have some ideas, insights or experience in tempering chocolate?
Or both?...a category I find myself in!

Please join in this discussion. Thank you!

I have a few years experience in tempering chocolate and have read a few books, visited websites and checked out articles that discuss everything from correct temperature for tempering, types of chocolate to detailed descriptions of the crystalline structure of chocolate to exact procedures to temper chocolate.
Everyone has a unique perspective and that can be refreshing and thought provoking . This has led me to think about and try different methods.
I have tried a longer version of tempering chocolate-that I describe in my blog "English Toffee" and a shorter version which entails heating 1/3 of the chocolate up to 112F during melting using a double boiler/baine marie, then seeding the melted chocolate with the other 2/3rd's of the un-melted chocolate to achieve a temperature of:
for dark chocolate: 88F to 91F
for milk chocolate: 85F to 88F

This method works, but it does involve multiple times of melting and tempering for medium to larger batches of candy.
The candy temperature itself can decrease the window of time the chocolate is in temper, the amount of time needed for the chocolate to set up on the candy and increases the likelihood of some bloom/out of temper chocolate on candy- if not constantly monitoring the temperature of the chocolate.
The amount of tempered chocolate can affect the period of time it will be in temper.
There is a tool that could be extremely useful- it is a thermometer spatula- I have not used one, yet, but I would like to. I plan on buying one soon.

Please share with me and others any questions, ideas, experiences and ideas about tempering chocolate.

Thank you!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Let's Talk and Share

This part of my blog I am dedicating to
Ideas, Discussion and Sharing Information

It is my hope to have discussions where we can share our ideas, insights and experiences concerning various topics.

No one knows everything there is to know, but everyone has valuable insights, ideas and experiences that can be shared, appreciated and helpful to many other people.

These blogs will be in the section called Share and I plan to start off by introducing a topic.
I will write as briefly as I can...(well, I will try to be brief)
...about my ideas, insights or experiences(or lack thereof!) with the topic.

Please share your ideas, insights or experiences- Let's Talk!

Do you have suggestions for a topic?
Let me know, I would like to talk with you.

Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Pain relief cannabis lotion bar

This lotion bar can be used for muscle pain, it works similar to Icy hot or Ben-gay.
Unlike either Icy hot or Ben-gay, there is no container-store it in a plastic bag.
It is small and usually will not melt unless kept in very warm conditions or in direct sunlight.

To use, simply rub on skin-either at the area of pain or on your hand and apply to where you have pain.
It will need to be massaged into the skin for a minute or two.
The warm/cool effect can be adjusted by simply adding more or less of the menthol crystals to the recipe.

Caution: Do not apply to the face or sensitive areas. Please clean hands after applying.


-Bain marie/double-boiler: need at least 6+ cup saucepan for water and a bowl that will fit tightly into it without touching the 1" of water inside the saucepan.
-bowl capable of holding 6+ cups
-measuring cups and spoons
-spoon/ladle/pourer- to pour lotion into mold
-soap mold or any other mold- will not be able to use this mold for candy afterwards.
*To include cannabis oil(RSO) these will be needed:
-premeasured cannabis oil syringes
-digital scale
-oral syringes

-Coconut oil- 1/3 cup
-Shea, Cocoa or Mango Butter- 1/3 cup
-Beeswax- 1/3 cup + 1 t.
-Menthol Crystals- 2 T
-Peppermint oil- 20 drops
-Arnica oil- 1/2 t.
-Cannabis oil- 2 to 3 grams-depending on medication needs

*Additional Essential Oils: These do not have to be added and can be changed according to preference. Some are used to provide scent-like lemongrass.

-Eucalyptus- 20 drops
-Rosemary- 9 drops
-Clove- 9 drops
-Camphor- 9 drops
-Ginger- 9 drops
-Lemongrass- 9 drops

Set up equipment and ingredients. These items will go into the double boiler:
Coconut oil
Shea, Cocoa or Mango butter
Cannabis oil

All other ingredients can go into the other bowl now.

Put 1" of water into the saucepan, tightly fit the bowl for the double boiler top into the saucepan.
Place on stove and turn heat to medium. Place beeswax in first, then add both the coconut oil and the butter of your choice. Let this mixture melt completely, whisk a few times during this to help it go faster.

When all of these ingredients have melted add the cannabis oil and remove from heat, whisk to incorporate thoroughly.
Immediately add to the other bowl that contains the menthol crystals and essential oils.
Whisk to incorporate thoroughly.

Immediately begin to pour into the mold using the spoon, ladle or pourer.
This will set up fast. It may be necessary to warm it up slightly by placing it back over the water in the saucepan for a minute.
If you do so, don't place the saucepan onto heat.

I usually wrap these in wax paper and then place them into plastic bags before I store them in the freezer.
If you do not wish to freeze them, keep them out of direct sunlight and away from very warm conditions.

The hemp and cannabis fair is in Corvallis this weekend

I posted about this event before when it was in Salem last month.
It's happening again.

The Hemp and Cannabis fair is in
Corvallis, Oregon this weekend.
It is at the Benton county fairgrounds- auditorium located at 110 sw 53rd street.
Here is a link to their website:

I plan to go and check it out this Saturday afternoon, maybe I will see you there!
I will be wearing my cannaland shirt.