Friday, March 8, 2013

Cold process tinctures

I have talked about extracts and tinctures in many of my posts.

In my fridge, I have cannabutter and recently we made a batch of brownies with it.
They turned out very potent and good, even from a box.

This weekend I plan on using some more of the butter to create lollipops and I will also make a tincture for the first time.
I will use the cold process I mentioned in my previous post to create it.

I may make two tinctures, one of them using homemade brandy and the other using a vodka left over from New Years.

If I have the patience, I could do one of the tinctures using the dark place extraction.
I am curious how the extra time in dark place extraction would affect the potency of the tincture.

Here is how I will create a tincture using the cold process.

Cold Process Tincture


1 pint vodka, brandy or other hard liquor
2 oz cannabis leaf- I will be using the sweet leaf and trim


1 pint mason jar with lid
Coffee filter
Small blue or brown glass bottles with droppers
small funnel

Place cannabis in mason jar and cover with alcohol.
Place jar in a paper bag and then into the freezer.
Shake jar at least once a day.
After three to four days, remove from the freezer.
Line a strainer with cheesecloth placed in it crosswise.
Place strainer over a large bowl, use a bowl with a spout if possible.
Strain alcohol mixture.
Twist cheesecloth up into a ball and squeeze alcohol out.
Discard cannabis.
Line the funnel with a coffee filter.
Using the funnel pour tincture into the dropper bottles.
Bottles must be stored in a cool and dark place.

Ebers Papyrus-contains directions for creating cannabis tincture

Dark place extraction is different. The same ingredients in the same amounts are used, but the process to create the tincture itself involves time, not temperature. Alcohol itself is a great solvent for THC extraction, but since no heating or cooling will be involved, then it will take time.

Dark Place Extraction

Same ingredients and equipment as cold extraction.

Place cannabis in mason jar and cover with alcohol.
Place mason jar in paper bag.
Place paper bag in a cool and dark place.
Shake once a day for 3 to 4 weeks, up to 6 months if you wish.
One of the sites I have visited said it can be left until there is no green color left in the cannabis.
Strain the same as in cold extraction and place in dropper bottles.

The reason why cold extraction can be done in such a short amount of time,
is because the trichomes, where the cannabinoids are located,
fall off of cannabis when it is frozen.
After they fall off, they can be more easily absorbed into the alcohol.

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  1. Good Morning Gina. I live in Nevada and we have recently approved Medical Marijuana which I am in process of getting my license. I went to an EDS Conference last summer where Ellen Lenox Smith spoke about pain relief with Medical Marijuana. I will be creating my own lollipops and tinctures for my use and after running across your site on the Internet, I have decided that I will follow your blog, comments, and recipes. I have developed a trust of you just by reading your posts. Thank you