Monday, March 4, 2013

Oregon may legalize cannabis this year

I was looking at the Cannabis Culture website when this article caught my eye.

Oregon Marijuana Legalization Bill Filed

I stopped and checked the date of the article, I figured it was talking about last year, Measure 80. 
No, it is not. It turns out this is happening right now. 

Last monday, February 25, House Bill 3371, the Control, Regulation and Taxation of Cannabis Act was introduced by the House Committee on Revenue. 

As of Friday, March 1, it had yet to be assigned to a committee and was at the Speaker's desk.

This bill would legalize marijuana possession and create a state-regulated system of legal marijuana commerce. Possession of up to six plants and 24 ounces of marijuana "on the premises" of non-commercial home grows would be legal in Oregon.

The bill itself does not set any other possession limits and the Oregon Health Authority would regulate this.

Tax would be set at $35 an ounce with various state agencies regulating, controlling and taxing the commerce. This bill also includes edibles and industrial hemp would be legalized.

I felt surprised at first, but then I thought about it more. It makes sense. 

Measure 80 got 47% of the vote and if you read in the voter's pamphlet about the measure, the wording of the measure itself indicated to me that the state was definitely thinking it would pass.

Here is a link to this bill.

It could be a very interesting year. Aside from the bill introduced here in Oregon, there are similar bills in seven other states so far this year, that are pending or have been introduced. 
Then there is the federal bill that has been introduced, which will make cannabis legal on a federal level.

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