Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Thank you!

This week I have reached out and I have met and talked with great people.
I want to thank them for giving me some of their time, we are all so busy and it is difficult to find a few minutes to listen and talk to someone who is barely an acquaintance, much less a complete stranger.

Amador- thank you for talking with me, hopefully we will talk again. I hope to learn about some of those wonderful strains you have.

Kipp- thank you for talking with me, I wish I could have been able to trade with you. I really appreciate the time and effort. I hope I talk with you again, I think you have a lot of useful knowledge and information. Kipp produces salves, tinctures, Co2 oil, infused cacao butter/coconut oil- they are very nice and the packaging is wonderful.
Please everyone check out his etsy page, you can find these wonderful CBD products here: www.etsy.com/shop/Botana

Paul- thank you for taking the time to meet with me. Thank you for this beautiful girl. Lucy's Lion.
Lucy's Lion
Everyone- Please check out Paul's website.     www.Portclonia.com          Thanks!
He's got a lot of great strains.

THC Soils- I talked with a great guy from THC Soils at the THC fair I went to this last weekend in Salem. He was very helpful to me and gave me some contact information for people who have CBD strains. They also have some great products including trimming machines- one more item on my wishlist!  Please check out their website:  www.THCSOILS.com

Kelly- Thanks for talking with me and offering to help. I know you have some great products and you gave me some of your time while you were working, I appreciate that. I hope we talk again soon.
Kelly's store is:  Healthy Harvest South, in Keizer, Oregon and they have a second location in Hillsboro, Oregon.  Please check out their website:  www.healthyharvestsouth.com  

Joseph Pietri- I met you at the first THC fair I went to in Salem about 4 months ago. You were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I talked with you again this last weekend at the THC fair(Again) in Salem. You asked me to show you pictures of the beautiful Durbin Poison girls I have. The seeds I got from you produced this beautiful girl-
Durbin Poison

And soon I will be able to show you pictures of the Lemon Kush I have from the other seeds I got from you. Thank you also for the great information and tips you gave me.
Joseph is a great resource for knowledge and information, he also has several books published.

The Herbal Gerbil- I talked with Mr. and Mrs. Prince at the THC fair this last weekend. You guys gave me a lot of your time and went out of your way to help me and give me needed information. You are awesome folks.
If you want some quality products without medication, please check them out!  Their website is:  www.TheHerbalGerbil.com

Tim- I am glad we were able to talk. Thank you, I will be talking to you again. I am glad I saw your craigslist posting. I hope that we can help each other and many other people.

James- Thank you for talking with me. I hope you see the picture of Lucy's Lion, she is a beautiful girl. I will be talking with you soon.
James is starting a clonery business and his website will be up soon. When it is, I will give you a link to it.

Doug- Thank you! I won't forget how much help you have given me. I was in a real bind (that I did to myself) and you have went out of your way to help me. It is very much appreciated. As is these two beautiful girls- Frank's Gift

Frank's Gift

I will be talking with you soon. Thank you!

I want to thank everyone who takes the time to check out my blog, my facebook and my website. Please feel free to contact me, I will respond. If we can help each other- that would be great!

This is my website:   cannaland.wix.com/cannaland

This is my facebook:   www.facebook.com/cannalandllc

This is my email:   rfloorininc@hotmail.com

Thank you!

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