Thursday, April 14, 2016

New stuff- a business and a website

So, it's been awhile since i posted here.
I've got a lot to share with you.

Business Card
Cannaland- my new business.
A little bit of information- It's all about medical cannabis!

The idea behind this company is not new for me or my business partners. This has been in our thoughts for years and now we are achieving some of our goals.

Growing, producing, creating medical cannabis from plant to flower to concentrate to medible.

I hope that we can help people, that we can learn and share knowledge, deliver and strive for quality in our products, our actions and interactions with everyone.

I created a website for my company, please check it out-

A big thank you to everyone for checking out my blog!
More posts to come.


  1. Gina! It's so great you're doing this! Can't wait to try your candies--!

    1. Thank you! I hope you are doing great and life is good. How is your poetry and books doing? You don't have to answer on here, you can email me at:, if you want to. It is great to hear from you! I noticed the blogs on google plus from you and was wondering how you were.

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