Friday, April 22, 2016

Lucy's Lion

Since getting a Lucy's Lion, I have started researching into her genetics.
I will try to find more time to research into this, but this is what I've found so far.

All I have seen so far indicates that it is AC/DC or at least connected to it.
AC/DC has a connection to Cannatonic, with some speculation that it is a high CBD phenotype of Cannatonic.
There is a range of between 10-22:1 CBD vs. THC ratio.
This may not apply to every Lucy's Lion, AC/DC or Cannatonic. There are different phenotypes and some may not have high CBD.
This also doesn't account for the other cannabinoids that may have an effect.
Someday further research may let us know more about the other 80+ cannabinoids that have been identified so far.

This is my Lucy's Lion.

And here is where I got her.

They have a page about Lucy's Lion, please check it out.
Please read Lucy's story.

Thank you again, Paul.

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