Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What is up with this name?

Lollipops were my first experience in creating food with cannabis in it. They drew me in. I could not believe how simple it is to create a good candy with cannabis in it.

My first attempts didn't look at all like this picture, but they tasted great-I had several volunteers willing to give me their opinions on which flavor was the best.

What surprised me the most was that even the flavors I was unsure about, the lighter flavors like lime or orange, still muted the taste of the cannabutter so it was not noticeable.

And the recipe was easy. There were four ingredients.

After that I was hooked, I wanted to learn more and create more.


  1. you can use a package of jello for both the flavor and color if you are using the recipe I posted which uses cannabutter. If you use a different recipe which does not use cannabutter, you can use essential flavor oils and food coloring, you can also use the essential flavor oils and food coloring with the recipe that uses cannabutter.