Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2013

This bill is currently being introduced to US congress by the Democratic Rep. Jared Polis, from Colorado. It would decriminalize marijuana on a federal level, with it being regulated the same as alcohol is.

Each state would still be able to decide whether or not to decriminalize it, so it would still be illegal to ship marijuana into a state where it remains illegal.

For a look at this bill, go to this link.

However, don't celebrate yet.

There was another bill introduced to congress by former Democratic Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts in July 2011. It basically read the same and we know that didn't pass. It died in the house. But we can always cross our fingers and hope.

There is a change in other countries thoughts on their own drug policies as well. Prohibition and the whole "war on drugs" is not working and they are trying to find other ways to deal with these issues that are in every level of their societies.

In South America, several countries are debating, reviewing and in general questioning the drug policies that have for the most part failed.

In Guatemala, the President Otto Perez Molina is trying to find alternatives to the war on drugs and prohibition. He wishes to start a debate over drug regulations, with an eye toward drug policy reform.

Columbia is setting up an Advisory Commission on Drug Policy, with their first annual meeting held this year. In this meeting, they will look at and discuss the effect and impact of the various strategies on drugs that Columbia has implemented in the past ten years. Using this information, they will make recommendations for a new anti-drug strategy.

During this month, a national debate has been launched in Uruguay, about the marijuana legalization project. This project was introduced in June 2012 to legalize marijuana in Columbia, under state control. Uruguay's President Mujica slowed down the project to allow more time for people to educate themselves, learn, discuss and hold debates before this is voted upon.

For more information on this, please check out this article.

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