Friday, February 22, 2013

Weed Country-One of many reasons not to watch reality TV

I was curious and so I watched Discovery Channels "Weed Country" which aired on Wednesday, February 20th. I thought-Hey, it might be interesting. It's not that far away-northern California and parts of southern Oregon are where it is filmed at, what the show calls the "Emerald Triangle". 

Has anyone else ever heard of the "Emerald Triangle" before? I didn't until the show. For some reason, I just thought that was northern California and southern Oregon.

Straight up spoiler alert. Do Not Watch. It is bad for you.Unless of course, your cheese has slid so far off it's cracker that it is all just Mawh, Mawh, Mawh anyways.

Let's start off with some of the unrealistic parts and there are many.

A sheriff implies on the show that people are using MS13 gang members as security at their farms.
Things must work down there quite a bit differently than up here or anywhere else.

Of course, this is the same sheriff who blames marijuana for the decline of America from great to good. Many times during the show.

One of the growers featured goes to deliver medicine or what the show calls a drug run. During this a car is shown coming up behind his vehicle. He immediately starts off with " I am going to pull over and let him pass, could be a bandit or cop, etc." He pulls over.
Then a break to commercial to build up more drama.
Nothing happens, the car passes by, while he is sitting there all concerned.

Then there was the SWAT team's staged assault on an imaginary grow site, for training purposes or was that for drama for the show?

There is also aerial photos of grow sites, with much commentary. Many of the grow sites were very small, not these huge farms you would expect from the buildup to it.

Last but not least, the same grower I mentioned above, comes home from delivering medicine.
He has been gone two days and you get to hear all about how he is concerned for his wife, because she is there by herself with their dog.
He pulls up to his house, doesn't see the dog and calls for it. The dog doesn't appear, he walks over to a stack of wood and pulls out a gun, then walks up to his house. All of this time, he is talking about how the dog should be out, something is wrong.

No. It's not.
He walks in the kitchen and there is his wife and his dog. Perfectly fine. Nothing happened, nothing is wrong.

Commercials and cartoons are better than this.

If you really want to know more about this show, spare yourself the torture of having to watch it and check out this article about it, which is very informative.

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